How Inertia-Locking Retractors Work.

Inertia-Locking Reels must be mounted vertically and feed straight up towards the shoulder loop in order to work properly.

Proper Installation Requires:

-Retractor must mount upright/vertically (90 degree angle from floor).
-Webbing must feed upright/vertically.
-No twist in the webbing between retractor and shoulder loop.
-No bends in the webbing between retractor and shoulder loop (i.e. thrown over the seat back).
-Do not mount our retractors to the roof, attached to the seat, behind rear seat, or horizontally on the floor.

Inertia-Locking Retractors lock when the internal centrifugal clutch senses a strong or sudden tug. This causes the internal reel to spin rapidly and engages the clutch which in terms stops seat belt webbing from being released. NLR (Non-Locking Retractors) Inertia Mechanisms do not lock under normal operating circumstances. They allow the webbing to extend/retract for passenger movement as long as there is no sudden or sharp tugs. Inertia Locking Mechanism work independently from the rest of your vehicle, and are not brake sensitive or connected to any sensors.

Normal Free-Spooling Operation allows movement.

Inertia-Locking Retractor reel spins freely and self-adjust under normal operation. Webbing will extend/retract to fit user and allow movement while wearing the seat belt. You can lift/move arms and body around without being locked down while wearing the seat belt.

Retracor mechanism locks when it senses a sudden tug.

Whenever a sharp tug is applied to a Inertia-Locking Retractor reel the centrifugal clutch engages and locks the reel in place. This locks the seat belt in place, and keeps you in your seat during sudden stops.

Our Inertial-Locking Retractors are universal non-vehicle specific generic replacements. Finding what safety belt is right for your car depends on the length and style you are looking for. None of our seat belts are factory replacement models designed specifically for your car. modifications or custom mounts may be required. If you are looking for a replacement factory bolt-in seat belt please contact your vehicles manufacturer.

All our seat belts are tested in the U.S.A. and pass all FMVSS regulations. Our Retractors are designed to work independently of whatever vehicle they are installed in. No wiring required. Seat belt warning light sensors can built-in to your belts for an additional charge. Call for details.