What Seat Belts Will Fit My Car? Check Before Ordering!

Our universal seat belts are designed to be generic in order to cover as many applications as possible. There is no list or reference that matches our aftermarket Seat Belts with your factory application. We can tell you how to measure and examine your existing seat belt to find the best replacement available based on length and buckle style.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an aftermarket/universal seat belt and is not meant to work with OEM factory components or sensors. Seat belts must be replaced as a complete unit. Do NOT mix and match our tongues/buckles with original equipment components, they will not match up correctly.

How to Measure for a Lap Belt

Our lap belts are available in 60, 74, or 90 inch lengths. The length you need will be determined by a number of factors including the location of mounting points, position of seat, style of seat, and intended user.

Measuring for a Lap Belt
  • Always check if our belts will be long enough to fit your application prior to ordering. If you do not see the information you are looking for please call us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Measure both sides of your existing seat belt. Our Lap Belts range from 60 up to 90 inches to best suit your need.
  • Our 2-Point retractables are 53 inches on retractor side, buckle side varies depending on model.

How to Measure for a 3-Point Seat Belt

When purchasing a retractable safety belt please ensure you will have enough clearance for the retractor housing. All retractors should be mounted directly beneath the shoulder loop either on the door pillar or to the floor with "L" brackets and feed vertically.

Measuring for a 3-Point Seat Belt
  • Check How Your Seat Belts Are Installed
  • Before ordering please verify you can remove all trim covering access to your seat belt and hardware.
  • Newer vehicles may hide retractors and components behind plastic panels. You will also want to check there are no twist or places the webbing will rub in the path of the seat belt.
  • Determine What Length Seat Belt You Will Need
  • Our 3-Point retractables are 133 inches on retractor side, buckle side varies depending on model.

Check How Your Retractor Mounts

Measure the space where the retractor will be mounted to be sure there is enough space for it. We offer two retractor sizes. Please refer to the product pages for dimensions.

Position Seat Belt Retractor
  • If you are ordering a retractable seat belt remember the RETRACTOR MUST MOUNT VERTICALLY DIRECTLY BENEATH THE SHOULDER LOOP!
  • Do NOT mount retractor at an angle. If necessary use a level to ensure proper installation.
  • Do not mount retractor flush to the floor, behind seats, or mount on the ceiling. The inertia centrifuge was not designed to work in these positions and will not lock when installed improperly.

Measure What Length Buckle You Will Need

Measure the length between the buckle and the location you wish to mount it.

Measure for Seat Belt Buckle
  • Our Buckle sides vary in length depending on the seat belt model. We offer a variety of buckles to help you find a match as close as possible to your original.