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Our universal** seat belts are designed to replace your outdated, worn out or damaged seat belts with direct bolt-in installation but regardless, they are aftermarket products. Our universal, aftermarket seatbelts are not designed for one specific vehicle; therefore, due to liability limitations, can not and will not give advice regarding installation on your vehicle (including compatibility, recommendations, or installation directions).

Any correspondence offering advice should be treated as false and reported to does not warrant or assume any legal liability for loss, damage, death or dismemberment which may result from the use of information or products sold on this web-site. Website content is provided for information purposes only. will not be held liable for any and all errors or inaccuracies expressed or implied in the website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-445-2847 or email us at

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** Our universal seat belts are generic by design. They will fit most vehicles with little or no modifications but are NOT O.E. factory replacement bolt-in products. Due to the fact they are not Original for your car, some modifications or drilling new mounts may possibly be required for installation. If you are not comfortable with making modifications please contact your vehicles dealership and ask for Original Equipment seat belts that are designed specifically for your car.

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For over 26 years has been serving vehicle Restoration enthusiast with quality parts at the lowest possible prices. We focus on selling seat belts that are manufactured in the United States with foreign and domestic components. We will not sell cheap Chinese made seat belts in order to turn a larger profit. Our Seat Belts proudly meet and exceed all US federal regulations.

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