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About Our Oldsmobile Seat Belts

We offer a wide selection of replacement Oldsmobile Seat Belts. Our Oldsmobile Seat Belts are "direct fit", which means they are designed to fit right into your car with no modifications. They are built to factory specifications to look and operate just like your original seat belts.

Our seatbelts for the 1958-1975 Oldsmobile are designed to replace a lap only seat belt with a safer 3-point lap and shoulder belt. Our 3-Point Conversion Kits are available for bench or bucket seats. Choose between the retro style chrome lift latch or our metal starburst push button.

The 1982-1988 Oldsmobile models were built in the classic GM G-Body style. Our G Body Seat Belts for Oldsmobile are available in 30 colors, allowing you to match your original interior or add some custom flare. We offer front bench, front bucket, and rear bench seat belts for the G Body Monte Carlo.