What is a Car Specific Seat Belt?

Unlike our Universal Aftermarket Seat Belts, our Car Specific Seat Belts are designed to fit the vehicles listed with no modifications. Car Specific or "Direct Fit" Seat Belts are reproductions of the original seat belt models. They are reproduced to the original specifications. Webbing length, seat belt design, and even hardware components are all considered when making a direct fit seat belt. Some of our direct fit seat belts are even made with OEM latches, buckles or hardware when available.

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Check out our selection of universal replacement seat belts. Shop by the seat belt style you are looking for and save a fraction compared to what the dealer wants for an original replacement.
  • Our car specific seat belts are reproductions, not original OEM seat belts.
  • Car specific seat belts are only designed to fit the vehicle make and model year listed.
  • Convertibles & Coupes do not always share the same seat belts. If you have any concerns please give us a call before ordering.