Lap seatbelts are typically the minimum required seatbelts in most cars and trucks manufactured before 1967. Our seatbelts are offered in a 25 different colors and 3 styles of latching mechanisms. Some of the seatbelts are offered with color matched latches. These seatbelts will fit numerous applications with little or no modifications neccesary. Check with your local DMV for the minimum seatbelts required. FMVSS209 & FMVSS302 are some of the Federal regulations that all of our seatbelts meet or exceed.

Check with your local DMV for the lap belts requirement for your particular vehicle. Lap belts come in a number of colors and have a variety of latching mechanisms available. Our lap belts fit a number of applications with little modifications if any needed. Our lap belts can be used in golf carts, fork lifts and many other vehicles. All of our lap belts meet or exceed strict federal safety regulations.