Autombile Seat Belt Extenders

Our seat belt extensions add the extra length you need by installing into your existing seat belt increasing the overall length. No modifications are necessary to install the seat belt extensions. Seat belt extensions are not specific to any vehicle. Seat belt extensions are sold as an individual piece with hardware for one seat belt extension.

These seat belt extenders meet FMVSS209-302 specs. The seat belt extenders do not utilize a tongue and buckle end to plug into your existing seat belt. There are a number of different seat belt manufacturers making it next to impossible for our seat belt extenders to fit them all. Seat belt extenders are available in a number of different colors so it is easy to match the seat belt extenders to your factory seat belt.

Seat belt extensions (or seat belt extenders) CAN be used on two point NON-RETRACTABLE belts.

Seat belt extensions (or seat belt extenders) CAN NOT be used with two point RETRACTABLE belts.