Lap Seat Belts

Our lap seat belts are available in 25 different colors and are offered with 3 styles of latching mechanisms. These lap seat belts will fit numerous applications with little or no modifications to your vehicle. Lap seat belts are typically the minimum required seat belts in many cars and trucks manufactured before 1967. Check with your local DMV for the minimum seat belts required. All of our seat belts are are federally compliant and meet or exceed strict federal safety regulations such as FMVSS209 & FMVSS302.

Our safety belts can be used in a variety of vehicles from tractors to lawn mowers and many other vehicles as well. Safety belts come in numerous colors and have a variety of latching mechanisms available. Safety belts fit a number of applications with little modifications if any needed to fit to your vehicle. Check with your local DMV for the minimum safety belts required before installing any safety belt in a vehicle which will be used on a public road. All of our seat belts are proudly assembled, sewn and finished in the U.S.A.