1982-88 G Body Seat Belt Set for use w/ Front Bench Seats

Code: 8288-GBF-Bench

Price: $219.95


1982-88 G Body Seat Belt Set for use w/ Front Bucket Seats

Code: 8288-GBF-Bucket

Price: $194.95


1982-88 G Body Rear Bench Seat Belt Set

Code: 8288-GBR-Rear

Price: $189.95


About Our GM G-Body Seat Belts

We offer a full selection of replacement seat belts for the classic GM G-Body vehicles. These seat belts will fit select models of Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. View the complete list at the bottom of this page.

Our G Body Seat Belts are offered for the front bench, front bucket, and rear bench seats. They are available in 30 colors, allowing you to match your original interior or add some custom flare.

Our belts are the highest quality aftermarket seat belts you can buy. They are reproduced to closely match the original factory seat belts. Our belts are made in America using foreign and domestic components. They are rigorously tested in the USA and meet or exceed all federal safety regulations.