Crow 3X2 UTV 3-Point Harness - w/out Pads - Y-Type

Crow 3X2 UTV 3-Point Harness - w/out Pads - Y-Type
Code: 1120-X


Ships in 4-5 Days

Crow Seat Belts:  


Special Order Notice:

Special Order Notice:

This item may be a special order or custom made seat belt. Check product details for more information and availability. Some colors may be in stock, while others are strictly custom made. We welcome all inquiries to check stock in our inventory.

Once your order is approved, please allow up to two weeks in production before your order ships.

Colors Available:

Black 3 Inch Wide Webbing

Blue 3 Inch Wide Webbing

Gray 3 Inch Wide Webbing

Purple 3 Inch Wide Webbing

Red 3 Inch Wide Webbing


Note: Color swatches displayed on your monitor will vary depending on monitor settings. To be certain of color, we recommend you Order Color Samples.
Configuration: 4-Way 3-Point.
Lap Belt: 3 Inch Lap Belt.
Shoulders Straps: 2 Inch Harness
Y-Style Individual Shoulders Straps.
Shoulder/Lap Attachment:
Latch & Link Shoulders.
Sternum Strap:
No Sternum Strap.
Release Latch:
Silver Latch and Link.
Padding: No Padding.

Manufacturer: Crow Safety.
(Made in the USA.)
Designation: Off-Road or Recreational Use Only.
SFI Race Certified: No.

This UTV-Sand Car Safety Harness is built with a Standard Latch and Link Buckle. Lap Seat Belts ends have "Bolt-In" adjustable length mounting tabs. Shoulder strap are built with pull-downs for length adjustment. Y-Style shoulders harness has a single mounting tab. This Harness is SFI rated for recreational use only. - Not for racing applications. Crow Safety Harnesses are made in the USA! Crow is based in Anaheim California and takes great pride in only using the highest quality materials and components.

Please Note: Not for use by person under 70lbs.

Harness Configuration:

This is a 4-Way, 3-Point 3" X 2" Harness.
Features 3" Inch wide 52" Lap Belts and 2" Inch Wide Y-Style shoulder straps. Individual Shoulder Straps combine into a single strap. Y-style harnesses are perfect for mounting through headrest.

Latch & Link Shoulders.The shoulders straps on this harness attach through a Latch & Link Buckle attachment. Seat Belt latch slides through each separate shoulder link (and anti-submarine strap when available).

Harness Availability:

Most Crow Seat Belts ship 2-5 days after payment has been processed.If you need a Crow Safety Harness shipped out the same day give us a call.

Product Specs:

  • Choose color (see swatches).
  • 3" X 2" Inch Wide Webbing.
  • Bolt-In Y-style Shoulder Mount.
  • Shoulder harness measures 52" from mid chest to end of rear tail
  • Lap belt includes Bolt-in anchor plates.
  • Not to be used by any person 70 lbs.
California Prop 65 Warning:
California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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