Seat Belt Hardware & Webbing

Car seat belt hardware kits are available to install our car seat belts into your vehicle. Car seat belts can be just a lap belt or a lap and shoulder belt and may require different hardware for each application. We sell car seat belts in a 25 colors with three styles of latches. Car seat belts can be installed in various applications.

Seat belt webbing is offered in 25 different colors. Our seat belt webbing is manufactured and tested for all types of vehicles and every application. All of the seat belt webbing is manufactured by a company with more than 45 years of experience in producing seat belts. Our seat belt webbing meets your requirements, and is tested to ensure that we meet your specifications. FMVSS209 & FMVSS302 are a few of the standards that our seat belt webbing is consistently adhered to.

Seat belt buckles are offered in three different styles. Our chrome lift latch seat belt buckles are the most common style seat belt buckles used on vintage cars. Seat belt buckles are also available in a push button release system and we also offer end release seat belt buckles.