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Off-Road and Race Belts

We offer a wide selection of Off-Road and Race Harnesses. We feature top brands including Crow Enterprises, Pro Armor, PRP, Twisted Stitch, DragonFire Racing, and RJS Racing.

We offer complete harnesses, lap belts, individual harnesses, and submarine belts for all off-road vehicles including UTVs, Jeeps, dune buggies, sandrails, trophy trucks, rock crawlers, baja bugs, and more. We feature the most popular off-road brands with a huge selection of styles and colors to choose from.

We also offer a complete selection of racing harnesses for all types of race cars including stock car, stock car modified, dragsters, midget cars, sprint cars, and more. We feature a SFI Certified race harnesses made by Crow and RJS Racing to meet all of your racing safety needs.

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4-Point Harness.

4-Point harnesses have 4 Separate Mounting Points. They are popular in Off-Road & Recreational use vehicles because they provide a durable, and secure restraint system. We offer both "Sewn-In" and "Latch & Link" configurations.

5-Point Harness.

5-Point harnesses build on a 4-Point harness and add an Anti-Submarine Strap for ultimate passenger safety. The anti-submarine strap rest between passenger legs and prevents passenger from slipping through under the harness.

H-Style Harness.

H-Style Harness have parallel shoulder traps which attach at 2 separate points. Shoulder Straps can be either "Sewn-In" to lap belts, or attach to the lap belt through a "Latch & Link" buckle system.

V-Style Harness.

In a V-Style Harness configuration, both shoulder straps attach to a single mount (like an upside-down "V"). V-Style harnesses are primarily used in conjunction with either a harness bar or roll cage set-up.

Y-Style Harness.

In a Y-Style Harness configuration, both shoulder straps merge with an adjustable mounting strap (like an upside-down "Y"). Y-Style harnesses are used when a racing seat has a built-in harnesses slot under the headrest.

With Sternum Strap.

Sternum straps are small Velcro or plastic buckle latches that when used properly, keep shoulder straps from separating. They are adjustable for a loose or tight fit. Sternum straps are popular with off-road and racing vehicles where any added security is worth a little more more restriction.

No Sternum Strap.

Harnesses with out sternum straps are less restrictive and provide more comfort. They are usually used in slower applications which still require a secure restraint system.

2 Inch Webbing.

2 Inch Wide Webbing on either Lap Belts, Shoulder Straps or a combination of both.

3 Inch Webbing.

3 Inch Wide Webbing on either Lap Belts, Shoulder Straps or a combination of both.


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