Seat Belts FAQs

Q. What is a Lap Seat Belt?
A. Lap Belts are simply seatbelts that secure across the lap of the driver and your passengers. They are incredibly easy to install and are the most popular option for classic car models that don’t have mounting points for shoulder harnesses. Lap belts offer great support for your spine and abdominal areas which usually have a lot of pressure put on them because of the belt pressing up against them while you’re driving. The Lap Belts we offer here on SeatBeltsPlus are available in a variety of styles and colors and are crafted right here in the USA. Our lap belts are the most versatile style of seat belt available. They can be used in the front or rear seats and on the driver side or passenger side. All of our lap belts come in 60”, 74” and 90” lengths. Shop our Lap Seat Belts

Q. What is a 3-Point Seat Belt?
A. A 3-Point Seatbelt is a lap and shoulder belt that has 3 mounting positions: Both the left and right hip locations and one over the shoulder. 3-Point Seatbelts are now the standard seat belts for automobiles and they have taken over for Lap belts and Sash belts for good reason. 3-Point Seatbelts minimize injuries better than the other two because they reach across the entire upper body like the pelvis and shoulder regions. They will secure you on impact and won’t allow you to fall over or out of balance if you are ever in a serious accident. Our three point belts are available with or without the inertia locking retractor. Shop our 3-Point Seat Belts

Q. What is a Universal Seat Belt?
A. A universal seat belt is made generic by design to fit many different vehciles. They are made in the most common styles and sizes. While our universal fit seat belts can be used in many different vehicle, they will not fit every car. It is important to measure for fitment before you purchase a universal belt. Shop our Universal Seat Belts

Q. What is a Direct Fit Seat Belt?
A. Direct-Fit or “Car Specific” Seatbelts are reproductions of the original seatbelt models. They’re reproduced to match the original specifications of your seatbelt and are designed to bolt directly into your existing mounting points without any modifications. It’s important to remember that Direct-Fit seatbelts are reproductions, they are not Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) seatbelts. Shop our Direct Fit Seat Belts

Q. What is a Conversion Seat Belt?
A. A conversion seat belt kit allows you to install a 3-point seat belt in a vehicle that only had a lap belt originally. Our conversion kits require modifying your vehicle to create a shoulder mounting point. Conversion Seatbelt Installation

Option A: Cut slot in edge (or side) of "B" pillar large enough to slide anchor plate in place behind pillar. Secure mounting plate with clamp or rivets until shoulder is bolted in place.

Option B: Trace outline of anchor plate onto "B" pillar, cut hole shape, weld anchor plate onto "B" pillar and grind flush.

Seat Belt Fitment

Q. How do I know which seat belt will fit my car?
A. With our direct fit belts it's easy, each direct fit kit is labeled with the year, make, model vehicle the kit will fit. If your vehcile is not listed for a kit, it will not fit. Even if it looks the same as your original seat belts, different years of the same model vehicle can have different mounting points or different seat positions which affects the length of the seat belt. Our direct fit kits only fit the years listed for them. If you choose a universal fit belt, you must measure to ensure fitment. You will need to measure for proper length, determine buckle style compatibility, and check retractor mount positioning.

View our complete measuring guide for help