Lap Seat Belt Chrome Lift Latch 110", Select Color

Lap Seat Belt Chrome Lift Latch 110", Select Color
Code: 1800-110


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Product Details:

Our 110" 2-Point Lap Seat Belt features a Chrome Lift Latch. This style of latch releases when the top lever is lifted.These seat belts are popular for use in vintage cars to create a classic look. Each seat belt is sold separately and is interchangeable for either the driver or passenger side of your vehicle. This bolt-in seat belt is easy to install with mounting brackets included at each end of the seat belt. Please Note: This is a universal fit seat belt, but it will not fit every vehicle. It is important to measure your vehicle for proper fit before you purchase a replacement seat belt. View our measuring guide for help.

- Fixed Clip Side is 74 Inches in length.
- Adjustable Buckle side is 36 Inches adjustable length.
- Seat Belt is interchangeable, left or right side.

Product Specs

  • Measures 110" in length.
  • Feature 30 degree angle zinc end fittings for mounting.
  • Seat belt includes adjustable slide under buckle for length adjustment.
  • Webbing measures 1 7/8" wide.
  • Buckle measures roughly 2 3/8" X 2 3/8".
  • Quantity: Each Seat Belt is sold individually and mounts on either driver or passenger side.
  • 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.
  • Belts are MADE IN THE USA (with domestic & foreign components).
  • Federally compliant.SAE #J386, FMVSS #209 & FMVSS #302.

  • Seat Belt Colors & Availability:

    • Most colored seat belts come with matching 2 inch guide loop and stitching.
    • Wine & Roses and Wisteria seatbelts come with matching stitching and black guide loops.
    • Hot Pink seat belts come with white stitching and white guide loops.
    • In Stock belts will ship by the following business day.
    • All other belts will require 2-3 day production time before shipping.

    • California Prop 65 Warning:
      California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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