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3 Point Retractable Seat Belt With End Release Button 12 Inch Cable
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3 Point Retractable Seat Belt With End Release Button 12 Inch Cable
7 Panel Swatches:
Black Seat Belt Webbing
Black #1000

Charcoal Seat Belt Webbing
Charcoal #6009

Navy Seat Belt Webbing
Navy #4004

Blue Seat Belt Webbing
Blue #4002

Gray Seat Belt Webbing
Gray #6005

Powder Blue Seat Belt Webbing
Powder #4005

Electric Blue Seat Belt Webbing
Electric Blue #4000

Turquoise Seat Belt Webbing
Turquise #4009

Dark Green Seat Belt Webbing
Dark Green #5006

Military Green Seat Belt Webbing
Military Green #5002

Red Wine Seat Belt Webbing
Red Wine #2009

Maroon Seat Belt Webbing
Maroon #2008

Red Seat Belt Webbing
Red #2007

Flame Red Seat Belt Webbing
Flame Red #2006

Orange Seat Belt Webbing
Orange #7001

Desert Tan Seat Belt Webbing
Desert Tan #3009

Tan Seat Belt Webbing
Tan #3000

Medium Beige Seat Belt Webbing
Medium Beige #3008

Brown Seat Belt Webbing
Brown #3004

Brown Seat Belt Webbing
Dark Brown #3005

Wine & Roses Seat Belt Webbing
Wine & Roses #2011

Wisteria Seat Belt Webbing
Wisteria #2012

Purple Seat Belt Webbing
Purple #2010

Cobalt Seat Belt Webbing
Cobalt #4006

Lime Seat Belt Webbing
Lime #5004

Yellow Seat Belt Webbing
yellow #7500

White Seat Belt Webbing
White #9000

Silver Seat Belt Webbing
Silver #6007

Ivory Seat Belt Webbing
Ivory #8000

Hot Pink Seat Belt Webbing
Hot Pink


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Color Swatch Disclaimer:

Color swatches displayed on your monitor will vary depending on each individuals monitor settings.

We strive to match colors displayed online to the actual webbing as accurately as possible; however, if you have any concerns about color-matching please order free color samples here.

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10 Or More75.95 each
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Mount Retractor Upright

Retractor MUST mount in a upright position.

Our Seat Belt Retracting Mechanism MUST mount vertically. A tilting retractor will not function properly and can result in serious injury or death. Retractor must mount either on floor (mount upright with"L" Bracket) or can be mounted on door pillar if mount already exist. Do not mount retractor on ceiling, body quarter panels, inside seats, attached behind seat, or feeding through seats.

Align Shoulder Mount

Retractor and Shoulder loop must be vertically aligned.

Webbing Retractor must be mounted beneath shoulder loop. If there is no pre-existing mount available you will be required to drill one. If this is not something you are comfortable doing please consult a professional mechanic for installation or your car's dealership for an original replacement seat belt. Shoulder Loop must be mounted upright.

Make sure there are no twist or bends in the webbing between the retractor and shoulder loop.

Measure Your Webbing

Measure the length of your seatbelt.

Measure your seat belt and compare length before placing an order. Start at the retractor, go up through the shoulder loop, then go over your shoulder to the buckle and then back to the retractor. We list the maximum extended length of our belts for your reference. If you require a longer seat belt we may be able to accommodate your request. Call for details.

Measure Your Buckle

Measure the length of your buckle assembly.

Buckles come in different lengths. Measure you buckle/receiver before placing an order. We sell 6", 12", 18" and 22" inch lengths. Buckles supported by rigid plastic sleeves can remove sleeves if installing buckles sandwiched between a bench seat.

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Safety Standards

Seat Belt Safety Regulations:

Check the tag on your seat belts, its information worth knowing. Our seat belts are SAE #J386, FMVSS #209, and FMVSS #302 compliant. They are tested in the United States of America to all ensure all of our seat belts are up to specs. You are NOT buying an inferior foreign made or tested seat belt.

The fact is that manufacturers overseas really don't understand the FMVSS requirements like manufacturers in the USA do. For example, some of the belts that are sold from China say "DOT Approved." The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates tire manufacturing, not seat belts.

Seat Belt Tag Safety Compliance

Product Warranty

Product Warranty:

All seat belts are non-refundable once installed. You may examine and mock-up seat belts, but once they are bolted in they are yours to keep. We can not re-sell used safety equipment.

You are buying the finest aftermarket seat belts when you shop at We are proud to stand behind our products. offers a one year warranty on every seat belt against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. Warranty is non-transferable and valid for original retail purchaser only. The obligations of under this warranty are limited, and shall not exceed the cost of non-conforming products. The foregoing Warranty and Conditions shall apply to any repair, reworked or replaced product, part or component supplied by Further, shall not be liable for any incident or consequential damages, or loss of use, or other commercial loss, however occasioned. Items not covered include, but are not limited to chrome plated items/products, installation defects, abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, natural degradation of cloth fibers due to UV exposure, improper installation and labor for removal and/or installation. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchant-ability of fitness.
seat belt warranty


Highest Quality Aftermarket Seat Belts:

What is the difference between seat belts made in China versus our seat belts? One of the main reasons that Chinese products are so appealing is the price, but when you buy from there is no price difference. Chinese manufactured seat belts do not meet FMVSS 209/302. Sometimes the colors and thread don't even match. The fact is oversea manufacturers really don't understand the FMVSS requirements like USA manufacturers do. For example, some foreign made belts state "DOT Approved." The Department of Transportation (DOT)   regulates tire manufacturing, not seat belts. Foreign belts are tested to foreign standards, not American Standards.

We offer the lowest prices on Seat Belts made in the USA**. Don't settle for cheap seat belts when buckling in yourself or your loved ones. Our seat belts are proudly assembled, sewn and finished in Jupiter Florida, United States of America. You can rest assured knowing all our aftermarket seat belts are continually tested and adhere to strict federal safety regulations and standards.

**Made in Florida United States of America
(with domestic & foreign components).

3 Point Retractable Seat Belt With End Release Button 12 Inch Cable

This 3-Point Retractable Seat Belt features an end release button. The buckle side includes a 12 inch cable. End button release is popular where seat belts pass through a bench seat or where release access is required at the top of the buckle. End button design features a tough plastic exterior and metal internals. End Button Release 3-Point Inertia-Locking Retractable seat belt features heavy duty plastic buckle housing and metal internals. Retractor stores webbing when not in use. Seat belt mounts on either driver or passenger side of your vehicle. Meets or exceeds all federal safety regulations. All our belts come with a 1 year warranty against workmanship or defects. Available in 30 colors!

Product Specs:

  • The adjustable lap and shoulder webbing is 133 inches total length and is adjustable down.
  • The buckle side is 12 inches in length.
  • Seat belt clip slides up/down webbing for adjustment.
  • Buckle measures roughly 2 3/4" X 1 3/4".
  • Clip measures roughly 2 1/2" long X 2 1/2".
  • Webbing measures 1 7/8" wide.
  • Each Seat Belt is sold individually.
  • Interchangeable between either driver or passenger side.
  • 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.
  • Proudly Made in America, with foreign & domestic content.
  • Federally compliant.FMVSS #209 & FMVSS #302

Additional Images

3-Point Retractable Seat Belt Diagram
3-Point Retractable Seat Belt Diagram. Each Belt Sold Separately.
3-Point Retractable Seat Belt
3-Point Retractable Seat Belt
3-Point Retractable Seat Belt
Retractor housing dimensions
Retractor housing dimensions.
3-Point Retractable Seat Belt

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